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Vinita Kinra



Vinita Kinra was born in Milton[1], Ontario on June 2, 1975 and raised in Jaipur, India. She earned her Master's in French degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) [2], New Delhi (1999-2001). Government of France awarded Vinita a scholarship to teach English at Grenoble International High School[3] in France in 2001. She went on to teach English at French universities of Grenoble[4] (2002-2003) and Orleans[5] (2003-2004). Vinita returned to Canada in 2004, and her debut collection of short stories, Pavitra in Paris, was published in 2013. Vinita is a Speaker with Passages Canada, and has inspired new immigrant women to Canada and business networking group in Mississauga.

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