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William Ho (composer)


Toronto Ontario

William Ho, an internationally renowned artist, thinker, writer, Goodwill Ambassador of One Heart Beat around the World, humanitarian, environmentalist and speaker famous for his poetic art creations and passionate speech, particularly in Chinese brush painting, living art installations and sculptures from 60’ to award size. He creates world class art and awards/sculpture/statue for international organizations and global causes including the UN MDG One Heart Beat Award sculpture and the UN IREO Renewable Energy Award. His Awards are master pieces of art carrying profound timeless messages for the world. His art appears in international museums, galleries, public areas and venues such as the United Nations and Parliament Hill of Canada, as well as in important private and public collectors around the world.

Mr. Ho was the invited Key Featured Artist of Art Expo 2008 and 25,000 art lovers came. Mr. Ho is also author of a Chinese version of the Canadian Anthem “O Canada”.

Mr. Ho's “One Heart Beat” single stroke concept brushstroke painting is the underlying foundation for the United Nations MDG One Heart Beat Award. He sculpted the Award and presented the individually made Award sculptures to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Nobel Price winner Bishop Desmond Tutu, the 61st and 62nd Presidents of the UN General Assembly, Chairman of the G77 of UN and H.E Leonel Antonio Fernandez, President of the Dominican Republic, in recognition of their support and efforts to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The award presentation ceremonies take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and viewed by the world.

This article based on content from http://www.williamhoart.com/bio.htm.