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Winnie Cheung

Currently a director with the Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop Society (ACWW) and founding director of the Pacific Canada Heritage Centre and Museum of Migration, Winnie Cheung is a community leader and organizer. Having also served in leadership roles as board of director at the Hong Kong Canada Business Association, the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, the Laurier Institution, and the Pacific Canada Heritage Centre's Museum of Migration, Winnie L. Cheung has been engaged in building bridges and understanding across cultures for over twenty years. A published writer, art lover and intercultural educator, she is keen to create platforms and spaces for people to explore the cultural richness of an inclusive society.

At the University of British Columbia, she has been instrumental for the establishment of several signature programs to foster interactions between international and local students, engage the community with the university, and promote learning through the appreciation of cultural diversity. As a volunteer, Winnie has devoted a lot of time to improve international education across the system in Canada through organizations such as the Canadian Bureau for International Education.

To cultivate responsible citizenship among young people, she has launched innovative programs such as the Global Citizenship Project and the Global Student Speakers’ Bureau, thus fostering meaningful dialogues on the subject with the community. In recognition of her contribution to international understanding and world peace, Winnie has been named a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International.